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Were building again. This time our project take us to Don Keo Secondary School in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

(My pledge of Love) Letter from the founder

My whole purpose when starting H4H seven years ago was to cover my construction costs and have a legitimate tax write off for my money spent and also be able to give donation receipts to those that support us. I do not pretend or wish to be anything other than a builder and I suppose a humanitarian doing what little I can do while living on this earth. But this is pure with the heart, that I can assure you.


                    Steven J. Fairclough

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$ 16,000
$ 32,000

Construction plans

Our plans were developed over the course of two years of communicating between H4H's leader in Cambodia, Y Dyluch (Luke) and Steve Fairclough (sponsor/founder) in the U.S.A.

Basic plans were developed based on dimensions desired for the library itself. And many of the Khmer (Cambodia's culture) architectural details were developed by photos,sketches, phone calls and emails between Luke and Steve.

Steve also sought and received help from architects, engineers,inspectors and other professionals who are assisting H4H achieve its goal of having a complete set of plans that can be used over and over again for the betterment of the people and future of Cambodia.


Our library projects are approximately six to seven month long for construction with factors like funding, weather, and Buddhist holidays affecting progress.

We also work along with the school administration and respect their schedules and such. As well as providing us with supervised help from the students during certain activities during the building of their library. This seem to help forge new bonds and inspiration for the community that is a by product we are very proud of.

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Labor and materials estimate